Ritter Transport, Inc.

Ritter TruckingRitter Transport, Inc., formerly known as Semi-Express, excels in creating supply chain value for distributors and shippers looking for high-quality service and on-time performance. We engineer optimal solutions for time-sensitive freight every minute of the day. We conduct a customized needs analysis for all of our customers in order provide seamless service. This allows us to provide outstanding planning, scheduling, communication, and follow-up on all tendered loads. Our fleet of drivers, trucks, and resources are prepared to handle ad hoc, dedicated, and spotter service locally, regionally, and nationally.

For those customers who have occasional, intermittent, or one-time needs, we offer ad hoc services designed for odd and as-needed jobs. Our dedicated fleets are tailored to customers who have repeat needs and a set schedule of pickup and delivery times. In these instances, we purchase trucks or assign ones we already have to handle the set schedule. This ensures we provide on-time, reliable, and cost-effective service every time. Finally, we have spotter service to move full trailers to the yard and empty trailers to the loading docks.

Regional Service

Numerous satellite locations around the Baltimore, MD and Washington, D.C. area allow us to quickly and efficiently plan and provide resources for local truckload needs.

No matter what service you need, we always offer competitive rates that are continuously adjusted to reflect current market prices and our costs. Our fleet is constantly growing to ensure we have availability 24 hours, seven days a week.