“Safety First, No Excuses.”

Ritter TruckingThe foundation of Ritter is “Safety first, no excuses.” It is the core of our belief and the guide to our decision-making. As a company, we consistently use this to evaluate our business practices, company decisions, drivers, and equipment.

Through our commitment to safety, we aim to:

  • Reduce our costs, and in turn, reduce costs for our customers
  • Provide credible, on-time, worry-free service for every customer, every time
  • Educate our drivers on preventative measures and tips executing for incident-free runs
  • Reward our drivers with quarterly safety bonuses
  • Lead an experienced team by maintaining high hiring standards and only employing well-qualified drivers with excellent driving records
  • Hold ourselves accountable for every action and run we make
  • Increase the longevity of our drivers and their careers
  • Make the roadways safer for everyone on the road

We have made significant investments in personnel and equipment to ensure we are meeting the highest safety standards in the industry. We added a safety supervisor to our team to monitor, evaluate, and advise us on our operations. In order to ensure we are following best practices, the safety supervisor will often follow our drivers in a company car so he can offer firsthand assessments. Our trucks also have video cameras installed, which can record and document trips. The films from these cameras are used for learning experiences and discussions among our team.

Ritter also continually invests in the safety education of drivers. We design monthly online courses that cover new preventative measures and tips for executing an incident-free run. Our drivers are required to complete the courses and answer questions on each topic. We also host a safety meeting every quarter to discuss our progress, brainstorm on how we can improve our practices, and establish future goals. As a thank you to our drivers, we offer quarterly safety bonuses.

Our philosophy on safety was born from the need to protect and care for our drivers and other motorists, assure vendors that we are trustworthy and credible, and determine a baseline for how all company decisions should be made.