Matt Ritter and Michael Ritter

Since they were young, Matt and Michael Ritter have dedicated themselves to the success and continual growth of Ritter. As kids, they would help around the shop by cleaning or assisting wherever they could. They began fueling, inspecting, and servicing vehicles as teenagers. At 21, they were honored to obtain their Commercial Drivers Licenses so they could be drivers, which is one of the most important groups in the company. As with all Ritter drivers, they did whatever it took to deliver customers’ freight on time.

As the third generation of Ritter’s leadership, Matt and Michael have built the company as an extension of the knowledge they gained from their father and grandfather. They aspire to create a family culture and a safe work environment where everyone works as a team to achieve the same goals. With the belief that no one is self-made, they lead by serving and fully understand that having a team whose goals are aligned is pivotal. They believe that building mutually beneficial relationships with the team, customers, and suppliers is the key to success.

Matt and Michael focus on long-term goals and fiscal responsibility to ensure the continued success of the company. They have never sought for aggressive growth, but rather they focus on growing only when it is certain that the resources are present to provide the highest level of quality for customers.

In order to live up to the family name, Matt and Michael hold themselves accountable for providing unsurpassed customer service, a strong commitment to safety, and reliable, on-time performance. They are 50% owners, but 100% brothers.

Edmond Ritter

Edmond, the father of Matt and Michael and son of John and Marie Ritter, purchased Ritter from his mother in 1983. He taught his sons the importance of being humble, and the value of hard work and compassionate leadership.

John W. Ritter

John Ritter was a mechanic and a truck owner-operator. He incorporated John W. Ritter Trucking in 1964 with his wife, Marie. John started with only a few trucks, but his leadership and ambition built a solid foundation for the Ritter company we know today.